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Glass tile is suitable for all the areas in your bathroom that are frequently exposed to moisture – walls, floors, even inside the shower. Bathroom wall tile can simply be sprayed with your favorite product and wiped clean, making it easy to maintain.

Our iridescent glass tiles are colored on the back, so that the color won’t scratch off and they will always look flawless.

Glass tiles are not only great-looking, but durable and impenetrable as well. Because they cannot be breached by liquids, they are ideal for places that get wet often (such as a kitchen backsplash), and are easy to clean with a wet cloth. They are also resistant to many weather conditions, so they are not confined to indoor use.

Our tiles are great for exterior as well as interior uses, including bathroom mosaic floor and wall design, kitchen backsplash, swimming pool tile and many more. They are versatile and attractive
  • All of our glass tiles are sold in 12” x 12” mesh-backed sheets.
  • Our glass tiles are painted on the back so the color will never chip off.
  • Ideal for use in mosaic swimming pool design ideas, kitchen backsplashes and countertops, and bathroom walls.



People have looked for various ways to differentiate their home from others. They want to bring class and style in their living space. Metal wall tile offer an attractive solution to the question: "What do I put on my walls?" Metal wall tiles are robust and striking. They come in various styles, molds, and colors. This versatility is highly sought after by leading interior designers.

Metal wall tiles are excellent accents or primary centerpieces in any environment.

Salvia Tile & Stone carries an lovely array of Metal Tiles made from Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass in different finishes.